What's going on around here.

I've learned some pretty intense lessons, running this online store, over the past year or so. 

Not only have I learned so much from my amazing customers but I've also learned a lot about the back-end of running an online store.  There is so much more than just clicking a few buttons and having everything run smoothly - but I've enjoyed every second of it, truly.

I've been able to stay at home with my kids and work on my own time.  Being laid off from Corporate America was quite possibly the biggest blessing of my life (aside from the usual stuff, marriage and the births of my kids and all of that obvious stuff).

I started this store with a very "If you build it, they will come" attitude and that's exactly how it happened.  But I want more.  I owe my customers more.

Recently, I decided to shut down my website to clean it up a bit, reorganize some things and add some fabulous new collections and options that I know you're all going to love.  

Some new things you're going to notice when you look around the site are going to include:

A new line of products from my other company, Sully J.  It just made more sense to combine the two instead of keeping them separate.  Sully J offers things like personalized stationery, thank you notes, enclosure cards, journals, notepads and some printables that you can download.  You'll be able to purchase from Sully J and Auggie Lamb seamlessly now.  I know that's going to make your shopping experience much more enjoyable.

You'll also find a very special selection of wedding items, be it the perfect cake topper for your reception or invitations for your big day.  Need the perfect wedding planner?  We've got you taken care of.  Can't figure out what gifts to get your wedding party?  Look no further.  These will all technically fall under Sully J but again, your shopping experience will be seamless.

We've got some great new home decor items for you - think pillows (in so many sizes), throw blankets and framed art prints.  Some of these will also be available for customization!  (HELLO baby shower gifts and monograms!)

I'm toying with the idea of offering some of my handmade items on auggielamb.com but for now I think I'm going to limit those to my Etsy shop.  (You can see all of those things here!)  More accessories will be listed.  I'm talking about the CUTEST keychains you ever did see, some beautiful things for your desktop and more!

Finally, and perhaps the biggest changes of all...

I'm now offering promotional products. Whether you need cute little pens to give your customers or you need custom polos for your next golf tournament (or anything in between) you'll be able to get them through auggielamb.com.  For the time being, these will all be offered through an external site until I can get them pushed together for you here.  

 My gosh that's a lot of news, but it's all just so exciting!  Thanks for sticking around to read all of the updates. :)

There are several other things that I didn't mention here, so make sure you've signed up for the Auggie Lamb/Sully J newsletter so you'll be in the know!