DIY Leather Cabinet (or Drawer) Pulls

I recently redecorated/revamped my kids’ small bathroom.  You can read about it here.  One of the changes that I made was to get rid of the horrible knobs on the cabinets and drawers.

This small change is SO SIMPLE.  I just have to share it with you.


You’ll need:


A leather punch (they also sell these at Hobby Lobby, where I got mine)



Finish washers

A rotary cutter or X-acto knife

Pen or pencil


A self-healing cutting mat

A ruler or straight edge

A wrench

  1.  Remove ugly existing hardware.
  2. Decide how long you want your finished pulls to be and then double it.  I wanted a finished size of 4 inches so that meant I’d need 8 inch strips.
  3. Measure (in my case 8 inch) and mark your cuts on the back side of the leather.
  4. Using your rotary blade and your self-healing mat, cut your strips.  Depending on the thickness of your leather, you may need to make a few passes.  Tip: use your ruler as a guide to make sure you have straight cuts.
  5. On both of the short ends (on the back sides of your strips), measure and mark the center point, about 1/2 inch from the edge.  I made an X on each end.  This is a guide for your leather punch.
  6. Punch holes on your strips using your leather punch.  There are various sizes from which to choose.  Compare to your screw size to choose the correct one.
  7. Put screws through the finish washers and set aside.
  8. One at a time, fold each strip in half, back sides together.  Your holes should match up.
  9. Thread your screws through each folded strip.
  10. Thread screws through the holes in the cabinets/drawers and tighten the inside with a nut.  You can use a wrench to make sure they’re good and tight or just tighten them by hand.
  11. Stand back and admire your gorgeous new cabinet and drawer pulls.
  12. Optional:  open and close said cabinets and drawers multiple times to make yourself feel good about your finished project.

There is no reason to be intimidated when doing small projects like this.  Even if you aren’t “handy” or “crafty”.  Pulls are expensive but by DIYing this simple project, you’ll not only save a few bucks but you’ll also get some warm and fuzzy feelings every time you look at them or your guests comment about them, because they definitely will.

Have a wonderful day!

Taylor Jane

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