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My latest project spawned from a request of one of our favorite clients, Be Well Oilery.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Jordan (the brains behind BWO) wanted a custom “thank you” gift for her team of distributors.  Something that had a “you are an important asset to the team” sort of vibe while also being durable and able to hold some occasionally messy items, like essential oils.

These little accessory pouches fit the bill.

Featuring a “T” bottom and a laminated inner lining, clean up is an easy task in the even that something spills inside of them.  The vibrant print really gets the message across about teamwork and appreciation, while still having a playful Valentine’s Day theme.

They’re also available in other patterns.  You can find them here.

Check out Jordan’s Instagram too.  I know you’ll be so inspired by her posts.

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