But first, coffee.

Sometime last year, after just having my sweet baby girl, I took a (much needed) trip to see my friend, my person, Rachel.  I could write endless blog posts about how she has literally saved my life and been the best friend to me that I could ever imagine but today I want to tell you about something else.  Something a little more lighthearted.

As I was getting packed and ready to make the 7 hour trip home, I needed some coffee.  A little cup before hitting the road just wasn’t going to cut it.  I needed a 30 oz Yeti full of coffee.  Luckily, my kids are great in the car (especially driving long distances) or else I would’ve needed about three, maybe four.

Now, while it used to make me pretty anxious to make coffee, it is not a hard task – but even when the smallest tasks become even easier, that’s when I really get excited.  Rachel grabbed the coffee and started brewing it up for me – and I was confused.  Where was the carafe?  Where does it come out?  What kind of contraption is this?  Is it 3017?  She just rolled her eyes at me (like she so expertly does when I’m being stupid) and laughed.  She said she’d had that coffee maker since around the time she got married…like 10+ years ago.  I knew I had to have one.  Keurig, Shmeurig.  Hamilton Beach is my new jam.

Fast forward to Christmas.  I had told my mom about this and low and behold, she remembered – and even trekked all around town to find one that didn’t have a mangled box.  People are crazy around the holidays.  Until this point, I’d been using this dinky little 4 cup coffee pot because I couldn’t remember to get the normal sized one out of our travel trailer before my husband left for Los Angeles for work.  Could I have just bought another one?  Sure, but I didn’t.  I have two small children.  I get distracted a lot and forget things.

When we got home from my parents’ house on Christmas afternoon, I could not wait to get this thing set up.  And let me tell you something.  It is MAGICAL.  It gave me a little extra motivation to get my little pantry coffee bar all set up too.  I look forward to my coffee time each morning and this machine is just the icing on the cake.

What makes it so special?  Let me tell you.

You fill up the REMOVABLE reservoir (it holds up to 12 cups) and it just clips in to the machine.  Gone are the days of filling the carafe and pouring the water into the machine.  I set it in my sink and turn the water on, fill it up and clip it in.  I have never, in my adult life, ever gotten all of the water into the back of a coffee maker without spilling it.  Never.  That’s not an exaggeration.

Everything else is normal, you add a coffee filter and your coffee and then hit the power button.  When you’re ready (even if the whole pot is still brewing) you just hold your cup to the dispensing area, press the cup against the button and voila!  Your perfect cup of coffee.  No pouring, no spilling.

You can also make iced coffee with this bad boy, something I haven’t tried yet because it’s 21 degrees here but I know I’ll get around to it when it gets back up to the normal 100 degree summer temps.  I sometimes set it to automatically brew in the mornings, and as a mom, I ALWAYS have the “keep warm” setting to the highest, 4 hours.  I’ve had to reheat a minimal number of cups since I’ve had this.  It’s the little things, am I right?

Clean up is a breeze.  The tank comes off to empty any leftover coffee (what’s that?) and to wipe clean.  The best part?  It’s only $49!  Seriously.  What are you waiting for?  Go get one!!

I know that my life, or my mornings, will never be the same.  Thank you, Rachel, for showing me the way.



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2 Thoughts to “But first, coffee.”

  1. Rachel

    So. Many. Things. First, if I’ve saved you, you’ve revived me. Second, are we blogging again? I vote yes! Third, mine doesn’t make iced coffee. Maybe need the new version. That is all.

    1. auggielamb

      Probably because you got yours in the 70s. Love you!

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