Bathroom Redo

This is the bathroom that my kids share. Not very kid-like, huh?

I’ve been mulling over decorating ideas for months and I’ve finally decided to change it. Thank goodness the cabinets are already white or I’d be painting them. When I did this, I realized how badly they need a fresh coat of paint but my intention for this project was for it to be a quick one so I did not do anything to them. They are worn and have character. Really, they’re just cheap cabinets that have been neglected but they could be worse.

The bathroom doubles as our guest bathroom so I felt like it needed some decorative touches instead of a total kid theme. My goal was to incorporate both kids in a fun way without having a bright color pallet or cartoons everywhere. I mean, Auggie really loves Paw Patrol but I’m not crazy about Chase and his buddies taking over my decor!

I want to paint the walls to match the rest of our house, in Revere Pewter, but that’s going to have to wait until I get some other projects finished. Such is life. I’m also toying with the idea of having my handy husband frame the mirror…someday when he’s home long enough to do it.

The people that previously owned our house had an array of colors on the walls. I think it’s best to keep a consistent wall color throughout the house if it’s a single story. It makes things flow and can also make the spaces seem much bigger than if they’re broken up. This is especially true if you don’t have an open floor plan. They painted this bathroom a strange light blue-green color – with a ceiling to match. Not my first choice but I guess it wouldn’t be my last either so I’ll live with it for the time being. If it had been brown like our bedroom (I’ll save that for another day) or bright yellow, I might feel differently.

Now, what you came here to read about.

First, I removed the towel bar because I just hate it, actually. There is really no other reason. I just don’t like it. There is a lot in this house that is “builder grade” but the sink fixtures in this room were upgraded at some point and while I would’ve chosen something different, it’s much nicer than our other bathroom fixtures and it’s functional – so it stays.  For now.

I added a single vintage hook that’s low enough for little hands to reach.  I originally intended to hang two, and I may do that eventually but Sully is still too young to get her own towel so for now, I’ll be keeping it this way.  When she’s a little older I will probably add another for her.  (I also have hooks on the backside of the door so this isn’t the only option for hanging things.)

I took some snaps of the kids during bathtime, (carefully) and hung them on the wall where the dreaded towel bar used to be.  I think this really shows the kids that this is their space, while still being far from a cartoonish theme.  I’m obsessed with my kids, and pictures of them – and this really shows off their personalities.  Who doesn’t love looking at pictures of babies?  Come on.

Years ago, I bought this cool “flush” art on Etsy and it really adds some fun to this small space.  It fits perfectly on the wall between the mirror and door.  I did this in lieu of a hand towel bar because I just prefer having a towel on the counter to dry hands after their washed.  When company comes over, I usually add some decorative paper hand towels that can be thrown away.

Since this is a shared bathroom, I added a decal of both a male and female bathroom symbol behind the toilet.  It’s available in our shop here.


I took the old hardware off of the cabinets and drawers and made these SUPER SIMPLE leather pulls.  You can find that tutorial here.

To finish it out, I added not one, but two blue and white shower curtains from my favorite store, World Market.  To be completely honest, they are usually both swung to the side because that’s just life.  But I do love when they’re closed and the bathroom looks finished.  We live here and most of the time, it definitely shows.  Whomever said,  “cleaning a house with kids is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos” is my true spirit animal.


You can find the exact towel hooks I used below.

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