New adventures!

Years ago, I had a blog. It was an incredible experience and I kick myself daily for not maintaining it through the years. It’s not online anymore and I get sad thinking about all of the posts that I’ve lost.

It’s something I so enjoyed. I love writing. It is an enormous outlet for me. I’ve toyed with the idea of starting again, and have even attempted several times. I never had the motivation to continue. Nothing I ever wrote touched me like the original.

With the growth of Auggie Lamb, it’s dawned on me that this is the perfect platform to get the best of both worlds. I will continue my little shop, while integrating a blog-focusing on my creations, some lifestyle touches and some DIY projects.

As with life, things often play out differently than we originally plan and I wholeheartedly expect that to be the case here as well. It’s hard to know where something like this will go until you really get a feel for your readers and their needs.

I hope you’ll follow along with this new addition and that you’ll enjoy it as much as I know I’ll enjoy creating it.




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