About Us


Our Approach

It’s my goal, with Auggie Lamb, to create beautifully designed products for you, your home, your friends and your family.  Each design is carefully crafted to ensure the best print quality available to us.  Being trusted to create one-of-a-kind products is not something that I take lightly.  I understand that quality is an important factor when purchasing something – whether that be for yourself, a gift or something that your family will enjoy for years to come.  I thank each and every one of you for trusting me with these tasks.


Our Story

Built on nothing but a daydream, Auggie Lamb was formed after the birth of my first son, Auggie.  In its inaugural year, I found that I didn’t have as much time to devote to it as I imagined.  Who knew that having a new child and working full time would take so much time!?  (I kid.)

After I got the hang of the momming gig, and after having our second child, I left my corporate job to both stay-at-home and focus on my business.  2017 proved to be an exciting, albeit challenging, year for Auggie Lamb and has grown faster than I ever anticipated.  Taking what I’ve learned since 2016 – I hope to continue growing this little business even more in the years to come.

Meet the Team

Most of the work that you’ll find on AuggieLamb.com is done by me.
Occasionally you’ll see some pieces from my husband.
Here is a little bit about us both.


Taylor Jane Lambert

Founder & CEO

After settling down and starting our family, I dove in to a dream I’ve always had of starting my own business and using my creativity to guide me.  It’s been quite a ride thusfar but every day is truly a new adventure.  Everything I do is self-taught and I never stop teaching myself new techniques and methods.

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Crae Lambert

Honey-Doer and Master Builder/Welder

A creative soul to the max – if it can be dreamed, this guy can build it.  With a degree in welding and a very DIY mentality, there is not a thing he can’t build.  Crae holds a CWI certification from the American Welding Society and is available for hire.

Request Design Work

Please email me here to inquire about the needs for your project.  We love new clients (we love our old ones too) and will be happy to work with you to create your custom projects, big or small.  As I always say, “where there is a will, there’s a way”.


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